Leather & suede care


For most of our leather goods we use leather from Tärnsjö Tannery located in Sweden. We mainly use vegetable tanned leather which is chrome free and instead tanned with vegetal components taken from nature. Since the leathers are uncovered it offers a natural and luxurious feel that will develops beautifully over time by giving it a patina. A part of our collection is made in bright colours which has become a part of ITYs DNA. Leather used in these products come from Tanneries in Italy, along with all our metals. These colours will not change over time.

All leather we use is a byproduct from the production of meat. We choose leather from Tanneries with good waste disposal.



For our vegetal tanned leather the leather changes over time and develops a beautiful patina as it ages. It does however need some regular care to maintain beautiful, at least at least once every 4th month if you use the item often. Our leather used with bright colours has a stronger protection through dying and needs less care than natural dyed leather.



The leather is the outermost layer of skin and is durable. Use a soft dry cloth to remove surface dust. Take a light damp cloth, foam and mix with water. The foam should only be damp when massaged into the leather.

To take extra care of the leather after a cleaning process; take a cotton cloth when the leather is dry and apply some leather oil or balm and work into the leather in circular motions. The last step is to wipe off excess oil or balm with a clean and dry cotton cloth.



This is hardwearing leather. it can be cleaned  and taken care of in the same way as the leather.



Suede is the inner surface of the hide which makes it more delicate than the outlayers of the skin. Start by cleaning the leather with a clean bath towel. Finish by rubbing with a brush made for suede in circular motions. We recommend not to use water in the cleaning process since it stains the leather. If you do however get water on you leather item try to get as much water from it with a cloth towel or paper. Do not apply heat.

If you want the suede to look fresh longer, make it water proofed or stained proofed.  Avoid using chemical stain remover.